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Ardalan announces debut ‘Mr. Good’ LP, accompanying tour, & releases album’s lead single

Ardalan is returning for to his home label at Dirtybird with his newest single, “I Can’t Wait.” The track is the leading single off his upcoming debut studio album, Mr. Good. Set for wide release on November 1, Ardalan’s Mr. Good LP is a story about self-acceptance. In a press conference, Ardalan expressed that, many times, we as humans try to be the perfect person and ultimately end up hiding behind a mask. He says the album is about lifting up the mask, showing our true faces, and striving toward being a more authentic person in the world.

His newest single from the LP, “I Can’t Wait,” is available for streaming now and kicks off the feel for the album as a whole. Ardalan says that the track is “open for interpretation for each listener” but came from an interaction with his girlfriend. The single features heavy bass with an accompanying lighter melody underneath. 

On top of his forthcoming LP Ardalan will be embarking on a huge nationwide tour starting in early September. The Mr. Good album accompanying tour will kick off in California this year and will go as far as Punta Cana for Holy Ship! in 2020. See below for a full list of dates. Tickets are available on Ardalan’s official website.