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RAC lightly touches Tycho and Saint Sinner’s ‘Pink & Blue’ for elegant remix

Distinct post-rock producer Tycho, real name Scott Hansen, released his soul-shuttering Weather LP on Mom + Pop Records/Ninja Tune not long ago. The 8-track effort drove his fanbase blissfully wild with Hansen’s entirely new lyrical direction. So it’s understandable that anyone looking to touch up any of the prominent chill-wave artist’s album masterpieces would have big shoes to fill. One established dance artist has risen to the challenge, however, delivering a brave and confident remix of the album’s leading single, “Pink & Blue.”

RAC just released his reinvention of the Saint Sinner-assisted track that not only impressed Hansen himself, but his entire audience of cultivated followers. The remix pays respect to the original by savoring Saint Sinner’s elegant vocals while giving the piece a more upbeat dent — a signature RAC move. The overall difference between the original and RAC’s take is subtle, yet smooth and distinct. With deep mellow echos and a soft, pop piano arrangement airing in the background of the chorus, the melody is true to the original but the vibe runs a little deeper to the soul.

RAC took to Twitter to share his thought process behind being includes in Tycho’s remix package, stating, “I’ve been following Scott’s work as a designer since 07/08, so when I first heard his music I was immediately drawn to it.” Read the rest of RAC’s thoughts and stream his remix of “Pink & Blue” below.