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KOAN Sound release first single from their forthcoming ‘Intervals Above’ EP

Long respected in electronic music circles, UK duo KOAN Sound has experimented with and mastered many different styles over the years. Originally known for dubstep production, they have dabbled in everything from drum and bass to glitch hop to breakbeat and ambient. Now, they’ve released the first single from the forthcoming Intervals Above EP.

Titled “Strident,” the track begins with an ambient, vaguely Eastern feel, before switching into a foot-stomping glitch hop breakdown. Typically known for their off-kilter sound design, KOAN Sound’s new tune also pays unbelievable attention to detail, layering even seemingly simple elements with breathtaking complexity. Beautiful layers of strings, pads, and floating reverb course through the softer portions of the song, while the crunchy bass of the heavier sections leaves a pleasing impression on subwoofers.

Many may not know, but the name KOAN Sound is taken from the Japanese word kōan. This term is used in Zen Buddhism to describe a riddle or a parable designed to show that the way we typically think about things can often be inadequate. Indeed, the music created by Koan Sound expresses its purpose, merely in the way the duo has named their project. Sometimes, human expression is held up by the inadequacy of words.

KOAN Sound’s first single is an exciting and uplifting look into what is looking to be yet another outstanding project from the pair of musicians. Their music celebrates the nameless expression of the human spirit and do so in an inventive, yet ancient way. Be on the lookout for KOAN Sound’s hotly-anticipated new project and be sure to catch them on their swiftly-approaching joint headlining tour with Haywyre, In Parallel.