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Experience the making of Eric Prydz’s HOLOSPHERE [MUST WATCH]

Eric Prydz continues to lead with his out-of-this-world holographic visuals which are setting the technological standard for cutting edge live production. His performance at Tomorrowland this summer showcased the debut of his EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE, but was cancelled the second weekend performance due to an unlikely stage collapse. Prydz’s design team constructed an innovative multi-sensory experience with a packed LED sphere that sent audiences to the moon.

“We almost ended up losing money, so it’s been more of a passion project,” says Prydz of the rig. “You want to give people an experience and as they walk away, blow people’s minds. I actually like seeing [HOLOSPHERE] from the crowds perspective. They upload these videos on YouTube and stuff and sometimes, I can’t believe… it’s insane.”

Experience the making of HOLOSPHERE and how the production rig came to life on Verge.