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Go inside deadmau5’s newest Cube ahead of his V3 tour [WATCH]

To say deadmau5‘s Cube production rig is iconic as the Joel Zimmerman himself is more like a chicken-or-egg question. As the mau5trap founder gears up for his fast approaching Cube V3 tour, with most dates already sold out, Zimmerman sat down with YouTube influencer Sam Sheffer for a behind-the-scenes look into the Cube’s third iteration.

It’s actually not even the third version of the cube: “I wanna call it cube 7,” says Zimmerman in the exclusive interview. “There’s been so many iterations, some more minor than not, but some major ones…so, this is not like the third.”

Zimmerman tells the story of the so-called Cube V3 from its inception to its construction all the way up it’s debut at Ultra Miami, where deadmau5 experienced a few technical difficulties.

“This iteration of the Cube came from Colins,” says deadmau5. “I remember we were on a flight and I was just spitballing and I suggested why don’t we use six panels of the former cube and I go inside the Cube. Then Colins blurted out, ‘and we’ll make it rotate and tilt…for cheap!’ And I was like ‘YEAAA’ and then my manager was just like, ‘Oh god. Here we go with the money thing again.'”

An impressive feat of technology, Zimmerman says his team of designers modeled it in 3D first and then took the conceptual sketches to a safety engineer for “a rigorous and brutal engineering process.”

“Its one thing to build a static cube,” he continues. “It’s another thing to attach a shit load of motors and robotics to it to do some really crazy things. So there was some facepalming and there was some high diving on that flight.”

Zimmerman has been highly involved in the process, more hands-on that any other producer in the visual and lighting phases anyway, and the final product is finally ready to be unleashed.

The Cube V3 kicks off with dual nights in Dallas beginning September 12 and runs through February 2020. Remaining tickets can be found on the tour page of deadmau5’s official website.