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Watch ARISE’s enlivening 2019 after movie

The rise of the transformational music festival has been meteoric over the last few years. All across the country and indeed the world, events that focus on personal growth, community and connection are sprouting up. Although many of the big names in music are still booked and serve to draw big crowds to these festivals, it’s impressive to see the organizers focus on a positive ethos.

ARISE, an intimate Colorado-based gathering which has just celebrated its seventh year, is one such festival. Taking place this year in early August, the seventh iteration marked another monumental success. Organizers have just revealed the official ARISE aftermovie, which showcases the very things that mark the transcendent festival and the uplifting values coagulating around them.

Campfire Anthems’ “Let It Be Alive” plays in the background as a sea of smiling, dancing people make their way across the screen, participating in dance, yoga, flow arts and community. The prevalence of people from all walks of life, ages, and cultures is obvious as well — the festival even encourages the presence of families by admitting children under 12 for free. CE is certainly looking forward to seeing more events go this route and grow in popularity.