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City of Miami erecting observation wheel in time for Ultra 2020

For being one of the globe’s premiere dance music festival, Ultra Miami has gone through quite a few hurdles over the past year. From constant battling with Miami residents and the city counsel to changing its location to Virginia Keys, Ultra Music Festival is now coming back to its original venue home at Bayfront Park in 2020. Adding to that excitement, the City of Miami has announced that they will be building 176-foot tall observation tower, to be completed around February 2020.

The observation tower is to not be confused with a ferris wheel, as this structure will consist of enclosed capsules and rotates slower than a ferris wheel. It will provide a spectacular aerial view of the park and surrounding area. In addition to this observation tower, the City of Miami is also adding a 1,000 foot entertainment center called SkyRise Miami.

This observation tower will be the perfect attraction for non-Ultra attendees and will provide a mind blowing perspective of the festival. When down in the thick of the crowd, one never realizes just how many people there are or how the production looks from a bird’s eye view. Festivals give the sense of being a part of something bigger than yourself, and now this observation tower will give attendees and non-attendees the opportunity to witness this in real time.