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PEEKABOO and Dirt Monkey come together on Wakaan for “Colossal” collaboration

PEEKABOO and Dirt Monkey both embrace unique sounds within the bass world, albeit through very different style approaches. Both artists don an equally deep and heavy bass sound stamp, PEEKABOO gleans more to the faster-paced dubstep side of the spectrum, while Dirt Monkey explores slower tempo riddim and ragga-jungle flavors. Each celebrated for their own taste making productions, now the two rising stars have come to the table at Wakaan for their appropriately titled new track, “Colossal.”

This high-powered collaboration showcases just how weird and wonderfully wonky bass music can really get. “Colossal” is chocked full of low tempo drops and seismic builds that keeps its listeners yearning for more. The track starts out set in a deep jungle with the build up quickly approaching. The drop perfectly captures Peekaboo and Dirt Monkey’s fused sounds, while the two explore completely new territory together. The result is a track that will add a colossally unique flair to each producer’s growing catalogues. 

Tracks like this are encouraging for bass fans for how they set an intention for stepping outside of the norm and what we know. As bass producers and DJs are getting more and more experimental, it’ll be exciting to see how the underground elements of the genre will progress onto mainstream bass stages the future. Dare we say, it may even be the next “big room” sound.