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deadmau5 shares full Cube V3 set from Creamfields 2019 [WATCH]

The Cube has been an essential part of deadmau5‘s sets for 10 years. The Cube V3 is the newest iteration of the legendary production rig, which a recent video reveals how it was crafted with so much time, effort, and commitment to detail. Now the mau5trap don has just completed the unenviable task of lugging his gargantuan stage across the pond for the Cube V3’s UK debut at Creamfields Music Festival

The motorized cube, which deadmau5 performs inside of, contains colossal screens with rotating LED panels and lights. The Cube V3 was first debuted at Ultra Music Festival in March, where it initially experience some technical difficulties. Now fully functional and absolutely mind-blowing, deadmau5’s team has worked out all the kinks as evidenced by the breathtaking hour-and-thirty-minute set. Creamfields attendees were given a flawless set filled with plenty of deadmau5 classics, surprise on-stage guests, and an all-out ascension into progressive house heaven.

deadmau5 is currently gearing up for the Cube V3 tour next month as he travels across the United States from September to January 2020. Stream the full Creamfields set to get a glimpse of how deadmau5’s upcoming Cube V3 tour will shape up.