Back in September, Mija ventured deep into world of the experimental underground with her two-track Just Enough EP. She explored more downtrodden, downtempo textures, fitted with lo-fi spoken-word samples. The short form project marked a step away from her OWSLA and Fool’s Gold Records releases. Despite the move away from heavy bass, it was still a step in the right direction of her famed “f*k a genre” mantra.

Now Mija shares a indie-leaning music video for the project’s second track, “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes.” Directed by her personal photographer Ryan Farber, the video finds Mija delivering a poem inside a retrofitted underground speak easy of sorts. Its silent film throwback aesthetic, along with its stark red color wheel and roaring twenties mise-en-scéne, bring an entirely new storytelling element to the “sad boy” single. Above all, it’s an impressive audio-visual accompaniment on the part of Farber, speaking to his creative talent and keen eye for film production.


Written by Ryan Morse

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