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Sofi Tukker releases vibrant new single ‘Purple Hat’

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, two New York-based producers who joined forces under the alias Sofi Tukker, have just released a dazzling new gem “Purple Hat.” Straight off their first Good Morning America performance, the incredibly talented duo followed it up with a breathtaking new tune.

It’s a track that’s fresh off their upcoming Dancing On The People EP. The title of the project comes straight from this song’s lyrics, “Dancing dancing on the people / people dancing on the people.” The single was inspired by one of Hawley-Weld and Halpern’s parties that they threw to “bring back the wild and inclusive dancing vibe to the nightclub experience. Tuck was literally wearing a purple hat and a cheetah print shirt, people were climbing on top of people, it was over sold out and sweaty, our favorite people were packed in the booth, everyone was loose and feeling themselves. It was wild,” the duo shared. They also agreed that if there was one song that really portrayed what Sofi Tukker is all about, it would without a doubt be this one.

It’s a very vibrant, funky track that’s sure to make listeners want to get down and dance like no one is watching. Dancing On The People is due out September 20.