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Bob Moses

Bob Moses release massive 16-track remix package for ‘Battle Lines’

A full year has gone by since Bob Moses released their second studio album, Battle Lines. The project was filled with 11 captivating tracks, with each one uniquely crafted to tell a larger story. Now, the Grammy-nominated duo has brought the sophomore effort back around for a victory lap in the form of a remix package. The new double album release features 16 beautiful remixes from hand-selected EDM artists like Cassian, Hayden James, Eagles & Butterflies, Nathan Micay, Jamie Jones, and more.

The Battle Lines remix package energizes and rejuvenates the original album, keeping it young and alive. Every artist featured on the remix album has contributed their very own inspired renovations, thereby transforming the original tracks into completely new chapters of the same story. From Cassian’s energizing remix of “Listen To Me,” a funky track with a pulsating bassline, high-tempo percussion, and halftime snares, all the way up until the album’s outro track, “Heaven Only Knows,” a chilling extended mix from Bob Moses themselves, Battle Lines Remixed is a surefire home run.