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Cashmere Cat continues ‘Princess Catgirl’ rollout with LP’s second single, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ [WATCH]

With his highly-anticipated Princess Catgirl LP right around the corner, Cashmere Cat has officially begun the teasing process. Last month, “Emotions” was the first single teased off his forthcoming sophomore full-length. Along with it, Cashmere Cat introduced Princess Catgirl, an animated alter-ego brought to life to be the face of his music in leu of his awful stage fright. “She makes me feel safe,” he shared.

Now, Cashmere Cat has released another album teaser in “For Your Eyes Only,” along with a music video featuring the eccentric cartoon character, Princess Catgirl herself. The all-CGI accompaniment picks up right where “Emotions” left off, with Catgirl prancing and dancing around a foggy forest, as she runs from a few spotlights in the distance.

Musically, the track is absolutely enthralling. Right off the bat, it eases in with beautifully soft melodies that lead up to Catgirls synthesized vocals, which are high-pitched yet soothing. Cashmere Cat then adds in more of his signature elements like glitchy beats, twinkling percussive synths, and a killer bassline. It’s a world that is both immersive and captivating, both visually and sonically, which is probably why fans can hardly sit still in their seats as they await the full album.

Cashmere Cats Princess Catgirl LP lands next week on September 20.