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Listen to Flume’s BBC Radio 1 house mini mix with Annie Mac, ‘Hi This is 4/4’

Flume has been surprising the world this year. From furnishing his first music since 2017 in the form of a mixtape titled Hi This is Flume, to a four-part documentary on his rise to stardom and a chart-topping hit single with Reo Cragun, the Australian superproducer has a knack for keeping his name in the headlines. That is all without even mentioning a certain risqué viral moment at Burning Man that reverberated past the EDM-sphere into the mainstream internet airwaves.

In keeping with his unpredictable nature, Flume made a recent appearance on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show, Mini Mix. While there, he debuted a short selection of house tunes, dubbed “Hi This Is 4/4,” quite out of the blue. Typically known for many other styles and BPMs of electronic music, the quick few minutes of tunes comes as a refreshing sonic shift for the acclaimed producer.

After a prolonged hiatus from music production, Flume’s 2019 has showcased some of his strongest work yet as he’s achieved some of his most commercially visible moments to date. In keeping with his superstardom reputation, Flume’s newest mini-mix is emblematic of the Grammy winner’s ability to turn anything he touches into gold.

Listen to Flume’s BBC Radio 1 Mini Mix here.