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Chet Porter returns with first single in three years, ‘The Longest Day Ever’

When Foreign Family Collective associate Chet Porter had to drop out of San Holo’s album1 tour late last year, he cited mental health issues as the reason. Now he’s revealed anxiety from the pressure to perform and release as the reasons. “I was in a very weird mindset,” Porter opened up to Billboard Dance in an exclusive interview. “I was crying every day. He was really understanding. Everyone was.”

Now the Los Angeles based producer makes his Ultra Music debut with his first single in almost three years, “The Longest Day Ever.” The track marks Chet Porter’s first production featuring his own vocals, which sit atop bright, swirling melodies and vibrant instrumentals that set a cinematic tone for his overly delayed return to the studio. After a necessary step back from touring and producing, Chet is returning to the scene refreshed and inspired.

“The Longest Day Ever” feels like a good launching point for the new music. I made it in a day randomly in my bedroom when I was supposed to be finishing other music, and I knew right away it was gonna be the first song I put out,” said Chet Porter in a press release. “The song is about not caring about anything, so sonically it’s actually kind of suiting. It’s not a ‘fun care-free’ type of not caring, though. it’s more melancholy.”

 “The Longest Day Ever” is Chet’s comeback track and it marks the beginning of an onslaught of superb new music set for release throughout the fall and winter months.