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Jade Cicada - Little Creatures EP

Jade Cicada releases glitchy four-track wonder, ‘Little Creatures’ EP

In the underground bass music world, there’s no disagreement that Jade Cicada gains huge inspiration from the godfather of glitch, Dave Tipper. The Denver-based rising producer has been making a name for himself as a skilled technological wunderkind in the studio. He’s also just come off two amazing festival appearances at Imagine and Resonance this past weekend, both of which Tipper found himself slotted in prime time.

All of that is to say that the two artists’ highly-intricate sound designs complement one another so keenly and fluidly that festival bookers are noticing. Beyond live performance, one can see Tipper’s influence seep into the cracks of Jade Cicada’s most recent EP release, Little Creatures. At the same time, Jade Cicada has concocted a creation entirely of its own volition — one that is predominately downtempo, with the perfect amount of glitch-hop.

The four-track EP is a journey through slippery synths, crawling bass lines, and microscopic tones. Wildly original and experimental, yet incredibly succinct and technologically savvy, Cicada calls forth a sound design that fully lives up to the project’s title. By the journey’s end, listeners are left with a sense of wonder and curious fascination.

Artwork: Ryan Miller Designs.