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San Holo and EPROM have been spotted in the studio together

Sitting as two premier creative minds in electronic music, San Holo and EPROM have each attained highly-respected statures while pursuing vastly different stylistic directions. So it comes as both intriguing and surprising to see the future bass maestro and heavily experimental bass conductor working on music together. The two were spotted in the home studio together recently working together on the keys, strings, and computerized programs.

San Holo is known for his emotional and evocative tunes often featuring himself playing guitar, while EPROM for his earth-shattering sound design and dark experimental work. Although details have yet to emerge over any potential joint musical pursuits, beyond the pictures EPROM posted of these two together, the thought of a future collaboration certainly stirs the imagination and drums up excitement for both artists’ fanbases. It would certainly make for some incredible cross-genre intermingling in two completely separate realms of bass music. Stay tuned for any updates as we’ll be following this unique development closely.