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Crywolf widow reimagined

Crywolf continues to defy convention on new 15-track offering, ‘OBLIVIØN [Reimagined]’

Producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Justin Taylor Phillips is known for ruthlessly coloring outside of the lines. His Crywolf project is constantly challenging the expectation that an artist must fit into a singular genre. His 2019 artistic concept album, widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. 1], is a testament to the fact.

Now Crywolf reveals the accompanying remix album, OBLIVIØN [Reimagined], featuring 10 previously released remixes as well as five brand new tracks from Shizuo, One True God, Synchronice, HVDES, and Skrybe. But each artist’s offering is more than a remix, as Crywolf reminds, they are reimaginings.

“I wanted this compilation to be more than just simple remixes of my songs,” says Crywolf in a press statement. “I wanted the widow album to be seen with a completely new set of eyes. I urged everyone to process the material through their own creative lenses. The result is a mixture of remixes and covers that I believe take the original material into really exciting new sonic territory.”

From Fytch’s previously released reimagination of “QUIXOTE,” to the dreamlike sequences of Mielo’s newly conceived take on “DRIP,” to Levitate’s heavily glitched-out markings on “ULTRAVIOLET PT. II,” the entire 15-track offering brings a new broadened perspective to Crywolf’s vivid landscapes.

A full apocalyptic orchestra one moment, a lullaby whispered in the listener’s ear the next, Crywolf’s haunting vocals, abstract lyricism, atmospheric beats, and cinematic instrumentals all remain intact on the newly rendered remixed edition. Yet, each artist devotes such incredible care and intention to their retouches that the album’s original ethos is allowed to shine through.

Crywolf has already relocated to Bali to focus on creating part two of the widow album, which slated for release in 2020.