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ONHELL delivers definitive seven-track EP, ‘Kill Your Self Doubt’

Angel Rubio-Hale, known professionally as ONHELL, has released a six-track EP full of heavy bass, melodic wanderings, and eyebrow-raising experimentation. It’s usually difficult to take listeners on a deep and meaningful journey through only six tracks, but he has managed to make each song on the EP tie a unique narrative structure together. At times head-noddingly catchy, at other times ambient and brooding, Kill Your Self Doubt feels pleasantly difficult to define and has a great deal of replay value.

Beginning with a collaboration in “Graveyard Shift,” featuring the gritty vocals of UK rapper Trim, the ominous synths and swooping melodies throughout the track set a dark, rhythmic tone. The track ends and blends easily into the thoughtful “Intuition,” which continues the thematic sounds and motifs while changing the vibe slightly. The project’s definitive creative statement is the titular song “Kill Your Self Doubt,” which feels like a meditation that is both dark and uplifting.

It can be difficult for artists to capture a variety of feelings within one project without giving their listeners whiplash, but ONHELL manages the feat easily. Even within the same track, he often manages to be moody, yet energetic: haunted, yet inspired. The self-produced artwork of himself lying down with his eyes closed, hemmed in by his musical instruments, is an excellent depiction of the overall vibe of the album.

Kill Your Self Doubt is out now on Terrorhythm Recordings, with a self-produced music video accompanying the EP.