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G Jones experiments on stunning forthcoming EP single, ‘Dark Artifact’

Creative mastermind G Jones knows no limits when it comes to production technique. Long respected for his multi-faceted, expertly crafted musical efforts, the Bay Area heavy bass maestro has taken his sound to the next level once again with the release of “Dark Artifact.” The track arrives as the first single from G Jones’ upcoming EP, Tangential Zones

His first album, The Ineffable Truthwas held up by critics and fans alike, and came with an accompanying tour that went across the country multiple times. The tour was equally applauded as G Jones continued to hone the mind-bending video for his live shows every step of the way. Packaged in a crisp black-and-white aesthetic, his surreal projections and visions help to deliver an instantly recognizable and not-to-be-missed show that has left his fans breathless.

Although distinct and memorable, G Jones’ style has seen a vast evolution since the early days of his production. The one constant has held up is his penchant for underground experimentation and unbelievably stark sound design, and “Dark Artifact” is no exception. While instantly recognizable as a G Jones track, the tune sees him experiment with melodic structures and retro acid synthesizers in addition to his signature crunching, booming bass lines, and blistering drum patterns.

After seeing this tune debut on the much-discussed live streams of Porter Robinson’s inaugural music festival, Second Sky, fans were itching for its wide release (“Dark Artifact” can be seen at 5:07). While there’s no word on a release date for Tangential Zones, it’s clear that G Jones is sitting on a trove of music that everyone will be simply thrilled to hear.