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One may find it hard to believe that G JONES released his debut album, The Ineffable Truth, almost a year ago. After all, the Bay Area bass producer has been working tirelessly on the road promoting the LP through his visceral live set by the same name. An Ineffable Truth set is a highly creative experience that takes audiences on a journey through off-kilter sounds, stark blacks-and-whites, and mind-bending visual patterns. Viewers are welcomed to fall as deeply into the abyss as they’re willing to go. 

Coming up on the one year anniversary of his seminal long-form, G JONES now announces a follow-up project to The Ineffable Truth. The sequel will arrive in the form of a new EP, titled TANGENTIAL ZONES. G JONES took to his socials to announce the short player yesterday, stating “the first single is coming out very soon.” No more details have been released, but whatever the case, it’s bound to be a project of deep profundity.