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Liquid Stranger announces new downtempo-focused label at Wakaan Fest

Wakaan‘s very first festival went off without a hitch this past weekend on the infamous Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas, a coveted grounds which housed Wakarusa and now Backwoods. The festival received such rave reviews that fans can bet that the Liquid Stranger curated event will be back next year.

During one of the Wakaan headmaster’s many stage appearances during the weekend, which included his coveted downtempo sets, Liquid Stranger took to the mic to announce he’s forming a brand new label. The label is being dubbed Sasquaan and will focus exclusively on downtempo music, according to Liquid Stranger.

“Wakaan in Native American for ‘Grandmother Earth,’ for the female essence of God. Sasquaan is similar, for ‘Heavenly Father,’ the male essence of God,” said Liquid Stranger of the two imprints’ yin-and-yang relationship.

The news came as a shock to the crowd (which you can view in the fan-recorded video below) but the imprint’s concept is clearly close to Liquid Stranger’s heart.

“So together when we have these two components, I feel we have something pretty unified. I’ve been working pretty hard on the first release for Sasquaan. I know it’s weird names, but they make sense to me [because] I came to American to study martial arts and shamanism.”

Photo credit: Jacob Tyler Dunn.