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Midweek Mantra Mix 028: Psymbionic looks forward with ‘FutureProof Mixtape’

Wednesday is humpday, which not only marks the halfway point between the work week and the coveted weekend, but also Conscious Electronic’Midweek Mantra Mix (M3). We’ve been scouring the web’s most enlightening bass music mixes that align with our vision, to provide “a conscious way to consume dance music.” M3 spotlights both veteran and up-and-coming bass music artists whose music seeks to raise the vibrations of their collective listener base.

The landscape of musical creation is always evolving. Music producers everywhere are constantly challenging themselves and their peers to look forward and forge a bold path forward into sounds that no one has heard before. Part of the reason we highlight bass music so often at Conscious Electronic is that it is an extremely innovative genre filled with cleverly experimental musicians. Psymbionic is one such artist, as he shows with his recent “FutureProof Mixtape.”

Filled with over 20 unreleased tunes and a ton of collaborations, this tape is one that keeps the listener guessing at every turn. There are a ton of rewindable moments as the cutting-edge sound design keeps pouring out of the speakers. Melodic, heavy, and futuristic-sounding, this mix is an excellent example of both Psymbionic’s taste making abilities as well as his expert production skills.


Touching a ton of tempos as he cruises through this hour of music, Psymbionic relies on curating a special blend of music rather than raw power to excite his listeners. Elegantly sampled instruments and dynamically crafted bass sounds lend a special degree of depth to the cascade of music that flows through the mix. The artists featured in the collaborations and remixes featured within reads like a who’s who of bass music: Mersiv, Dirt Monkey, Stylust, Subdocta, Pigeon Hole and UZ all make appearances, just to name a few.

As the world of bass music continues to grow, we will continue to keep our eyes on the producers that are paving the way. There are many thought-provoking and inspiring musicians taking part in the current scene, and no doubt will the years to come be filled with mind-bending rhythms and legendary efforts as we look to the future of music. It’s a great time to be a fan.