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Tame Impala releases ‘It Might Be Time’ from forthcoming album

Just days after frontman Kevin Parker announced a new album releasing next year, Tame Impala has released a new single with “It Might Be Time.” The track follows two others this year, “Patience” and “Borderline,” all cryptically referring to the long-overdue LP release from the band.

“It Might Be Time” is a keyboard-centric tune dancing the lines between Kevin Parker’s beloved psych-rock and art-pop worlds. Featuring jaunty keys and emphatically blown-out drums, the single boasts a different and more intriguing sound than Parker’s releases earlier in the year. Yet, it still falls well within the wheelhouse that gives Tame Impala’s music a sense of wonder.

At its core, “It Might Be Time” melds 1970s psych, pop, and electronic music, combining Parker’s signature flair with propulsive percussion, a plunking piano line against a modulated synth, and screeching guitar riffs that sounds like a siren calling one home. Although it is Parker’s voice that takes listeners on a journey into those rocky waters.

The Slow Rush will feature 12 tracks recorded in Los Angeles and in Parker’s hometown of Fremantle, Australia. The new album lands on February 14, 2020.