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LUZCID shifts the temporal field with ‘Gravity Cannon’ EP [STREAM]

Since the inaugural Wakaan Festival this year, the hype has been through the roof for Liquid Stranger, his label, and his array of allies in the bass music scene. Producers and fans alike found their voices on Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas, the site of the event. LUZCID is one of the artists who performed at the already-legendary inaugural festival gathering, and he’s riding that wave of energy with the release of his Gravity Cannon EP.

Weighing in at five tracks, the project is a ride through hard-hitting bass frequencies that sound like a gravity-based weapon being fired repeatedly. LUZCID describes the music as “…inspired by the gravitational anomaly studies done on Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas.” Equal parts heavy, funky, and melodic, the EP weaves through a series of bass-based genres, taking listeners out to space before depositing them back safely on Earth.

The danceable grittiness of the opening, titular track “Gravity Cannon” contrasts beautifully with the final track “All We Need,” a melodic, atmospheric number reminiscent of Bassnectar’s more ethereal offerings. Featuring the vocal talents of CASHFORGOLD, who also appears on “Memory,” it is an excellent example of how to incorporate melodic vocals with the experimental sound design of this style of bass music.

LUZCID’s music defies easy definition, but he’s bringing his listeners along on a wonderful sonic journey with his Gravity Cannon EP. The powerful residual creative energy from Wakaan Festival has clearly left a mark, and it’s an exciting time to be listening to producers that are part of this family of sound.