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Will Clarke announces new label launch and accompanying 2020 tour, All We Have is Now [WATCH]

Will Clarke has become a fixture in the tech-house scene. Having released on every label from Relief, Kneaded Pains, and Drumcode to Truesoul and, of course, his nested home at Dirtybird Records, the once-fledgling producer is stretching his wings and taking flight on his own.

Recently, Clarke posted a powerful video of himself explaining his rationale for behind taking the first leap in label launch. Obviously, he’s thought long and hard and manifested true intention into the decision. Afterall, starting a label isn’t something one just decides to do. It’s a huge leap of faith for an artist on the road to full creative license.

“For me, starting a label is purely so I can do what I want when I want with no external barriers,” says Clarke in the video. “I want to create a label where I can fully express myself as an artist while also allowing other artists to do the same.”

Will Clarke will also be heading on his All We Have Now US tour in 2020, playing an open-to-close set in select markets. Tickets will be available to the public this Friday, November 22, here.

Photo credit: Dani Rodriguez.