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Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet return with their second Get Real single, ‘Jolean’

As the collaborative brainchild of Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet, the Get Real masthead has only seen a select few appearances since their 2015 debut. The super duo is a rare sight to behold, but even more rare has been the super duo’s releases. Following 2016’s two-track debut EP, Mind Yo Bizness/Snuffaluffagus, Get Real returns with their second-ever single release out now via Dirtybird Records.

The track, titled “Jolean,” is the product of when seasoned music industry experience meets incredible creative chemistry. Characterized by quirky lyrics, a funky bass line, video-game synth distortions, and halftime snare kicks over a crooning four-to-the-floor rhythm, Jolean is more than a tasty house treat. It is a perfect balance between pure skill, hard work, fun, and effortlessness.

The track has already been supported by longtime supporters of the Get Real namesake, including Damian Lazarus, Nicole Moudaber, and DJ Tennis. With its wide release, it’s safe to say “Jolean” will be rocking festival and club dance floors for some time. The only question that remains is: will fans ever be getting a full-length studio album?