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i_o ACID 444

i_o releases first in three-part mau5trap EP series, ‘ACID 444’

i_o has been coming up quickly in 2019. From constant touring to a steady stream of new music, the mau5trap favorite, known lesser as Garrett Lockhart, is making sure that fans everywhere know techno is on the rise. Whether it is his recent House of God EP or features on deadmau5‘s Day of the Deadmau5 mixtape or a cunning back-to-back Creamfields set with TESTPILOT, Lockhart has been able to garner some amazing traction around his dark sound movement.

Now i_o has released the first of a three-part EP series called ACID 444. Known for his dark and hypnotizing sound, i_o’s sonic mark reigns supreme on his latest EP as well. ACID 444 goes back to warehouse roots with each track encompassing dark industrial synths, mind-bending beats, and energetic tones. From the EP’s outset with “Kill Process” to high bpm-range of “Replicate” and ominous tones of “System Error,” i_o’s ACID 444 is one project that will have techno fans begging for more. Thankfully, there are two more on the horizon.

To accompany the new EP, i_o released a merch line centered around the EP’s theme, featuring t-shirts, pants, and vests with i_o’s logo along with the ACID 444 logo. All items are currently unavailable but you can view them here.

Stream i_o’s ACID 444 EP via mau5trap below.

Photo credit: Tania Hauyon.