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Listen to Ravenscoon’s Uncharted mixtape with 30 minutes of unreleased music

Bay Area producer Ravenscoon (aka Paul Stew) is easily one of the top rising talents of 2019. His mind-bending sound is sweeping over the underground bass community on both Soundcloud and Spotify and he’s keeping the momentum with constant new releases. After having released a heavy Halloween mix via a 40oz Collective, Stew has now pulled back the curtain on Ravenscoon’s Uncharted mixtape, with 30-minutes of unreleased, original tracks.

In the mix, Ravenscoon blends rap/hip-hop elements with his otherworldly sound, making his sonic footprint stand out from the crowded field of up-and-coming bass music producers. This mix features eight ID’s with five of them being collaborations with Feelmonger, Super Future, Born I, and more.

Ravenscoon most recently released his track, “GOTDAMN,” on Electric Hawk’s bass compilation EP, In Harmony. The track features synth-heavy bass and soundbites that will have listeners falling out of their chairs. Ravenscoon described on Twitter that he envisions his sound as “something you would hear in a club that never sees the light of day. Something like Bladerunner vibes.”

Stream Ravenscoon’s Uncharted mixtape below.