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LSDREAM plays a sound bath set during Okeechobee 2020, fans sit under a tent

LSDREAM releases ambient Okeechobee ‘sound bath’ set

LSDREAM (real name Sami Diament) has become a force to be reckoned with over the last year. The artist formerly known as Brillz boasts an experimental line of bass music that is both transcendental and fun, with Diament often covering a wide range of emotions in just a few songs. His recent Okeechobee performances highlighted this vision: he got down with fans during a more traditional set and also performed a “sound bath.” Now LSDREAM has released his full Okeechobee sound bath set on Soundcloud.

“We had 300 beautiful humans meditating, healing, and traveling into the astral dimension together as one,” said LSDREAM of the experience. “The energy radiating from this tent was THICCC!”

Sound baths are centuries old, dating all the way back to the days of Greek philosophers. Much like the name suggests, they are meant to “bathe” the listeners in the music, surrounding and protecting during the experience. They work to effectively slow down brain waves, allowing the body to relax and consciousness to be stripped away. Sound baths are commonly used in tandem with meditation practice, promoting a spiritual experience that allows listeners to unplug from the everyday world and truly connect with themselves.

During a 30-minute sound bath experience, the Wakaan favorite takes fans on a touching, ambient journey that feels like floating through the cosmos. The set dips and builds beautifully, without ever experiencing a misstep or out of place instrument, as listeners are introduced to tones and frequencies that are cleansing, comforting, and baptismal. The world is often busy and bustling, and people get few chances to truly absorb and appreciate slowing down. Hopefully now, LSDREAM fans can unplug from daily life, reconnect with the self, and perhaps introduce a bit of peace and retuning along the way.