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Electric Hawk debuts new record label with underground bass compilation, ‘In Harmony’ EP

The EDM world has an amazing culture of finding and sharing new music. But when it comes to locating new talent rising up from the underground, turn no further than Electric Hawk. Electric Hawk has built an incredible music sharing community focusing on underground artists and upcoming talent. Now, Electric Hawk is raising things up a notch with the debut of their new record label, Electric Hawk Records. With the label launch comes the debut of their first-ever compilation EP, In Harmony. 

In Harmony features a variety of underground bass music sounds, ranging from mind-bending experimental bass to earth-shattering wubs that will have listeners falling out of their seats.

In Harmony showcases Electric Hawk’s vision of what true underground bass sounds like. These are the artists that are pushing the envelope and expectations of bass music.”

The EP leads with “Under Pressure,” an incredible collab from Fryar & Matheny. Ravensoon‘s contribution, “GOTDAMN,” pushes the envelope with heavy bass soundbites that will stop listeners in their tracks. SLZRD‘s”Far Away” takes the EP down a more downtempo road with while Psyoctave brings the pace back up with “Swing.”

Vieira shows off his incredible skills with “Skylight.” The track’s smooth vocals and breakdowns makes for the perfect background track for any kickback. OSIS x SAGZ have come together on “Whippersnapper,” which features smooth guitar riffs and filthy wubs. Common Creation then comes in with “Eclipse of the Moon,” with plenty of bouncy bass under ambient vocals.

Mize, known for incredible his body melting tracks, adds an element of magic to the EP with “Squish.” Listeners may have heard this track on his previous mixes before, but this is the first time he’s released the whole single on its own. Illanthropy is definitely one to keep an eye on with his track “Synapse”. SuperAve is a producer who literally came out of nowhere and easily has one of the heaviest tracks on the EP with “Open Up.” Lastly, Super Future rounds out the EP with “Nighthawk,” which opens with a beautiful crescendo before going into beautiful downtempo bass.

In Harmony is a perfect overview of what is happening in the underground bass music scene and highlights some of the best upcoming talents. Electric Hawk has scoured for the best of the best and hit the nail on the head.

In Harmony is a metaphor we want to send out the message of what Electric Hawk stands for: Artists and Community working together through music-sharing as a flock to uplift each other’s lives through connection and sounds. Working together In Harmony, the falling Feather represents the artists and their music, who are in our Hands in order to help them accomplish their wildest dreams and endeavors, as to which The Hand represents us, the community and fans.”

Focused on sharing music from the underground, Electric Hawk has built an incredible community on what matters—the music. In Harmony is just the beginning of cultivating a change in the dance music community. 


Matheny x Fryar – Under Pressure
Ravenscoon – GOTDAMN
SLZRD – Far Away
Psyoctave – Swing
Vieira – Skylight
OSIS x SAGZ – Whippersnapper
Common Creations – Eclipse of the Moon
Mize – Squish
Illanthropy – Synapse
SuperAve – Open Up
Super Future – Nighthawk