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Rezz x Yultron - Hell On Earth

REZZ & Yultron’s ‘Hell on Earth’ sees early release on YouTube [WATCH]

Among REZZ‘s many collaborations that she garners early anticipation over via Twitter, her one with Yultron has already managed to muster up heaping spoonfuls of praise. The two bass producers have been teasing the joint-effort for months, from the early days of summer with social media soundbites to REZZ’s live debut of the single at Bumbershoot in Seattle.

“Been playing this out for a while now,” REZZ says, speaking about the track. “I think my fans will love this one – definitely one of my favourite and most fun collaboration!”

REZZ’s signature dark, punctuating synths mark the track, while Yultron adds in his own flavors for a mesmerizing mid-tempo voyage through a hellscape matrix. Now that same collaboration, titled “Hell On Earth,” has received its final mastering and is poised for wide release tomorrow, December 3. However, fans are getting an early taste of the track through an exclusive YouTube premiere ahead of its official wide release on streaming services.

The music video accompaniment features a twisted, blood-red aesthetic as an animated REZZ and Yultron stand eerily in a catholic cathedral. Images of romantic era paintings and religious statues line the frame as the song’s drops give way to fractaled, dungeon hallways. As the track’s dark bass intensifies, the video blurs the viewers’ perception of reality and gets them lost in the dark pathways of the mind.

The audio release of “Hell On Earth” is out tomorrow on REZZ Music Inc.