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Sven Lions Dimibio play as Abraxis at WaMu Theater's Foundation Nightclub

Watch, listen, & learn: Here’s Seven Lions & Dimibio’s debut Abraxis set that had all of Dreamstate SoCal talking [Op/Ed]

When one heads to the new Abraxis artist profile to find out more about the the new side project of Seven Lions (Jeff Montavlo) and Dimibio, they would be left with even more questions than answers. Referred to as “Jovan warriors sent forth from the eye of the storm,” one must truly experience a live set to know this triadic match-up is dead set on bringing psy-trance mainstream in America.

It all began back on at Paradiso back in 2018. Overnight, the festival’s organizers, USC Events, announced a special headliners set at the Digital Oasis between two local Seattle acts. Anyone who saw them go back-to-back at WaMu Theater’s Foundation Nightclub following Seven Lions’ Chronicles: Chapter 1 showing remembers just how stellar it was to witness this tag-team in action. However, at this point, they were still very much a regional act and not well known outside of Seven Lions’ fan community, The Pride.

That is, until the trio’s Insomniac debut while closing out the second night of Dreamstate 2019 at the NOS Event Center. The performance quickly became the talk of the weekend for how not only how packed out they got the tent. but because this marked the first time many commercial trance fans were exposed to the deep, dark depths of psytrance. Of course, Jeff Montalvo is well known for his psytrance leanings; he does have his Sven Lions alter ego, after all.

The set also marked a seminal moment culturally and historically: First, for how it changed US fans’ view of trance as uplifting and heavenly. Second, it left the possibility for psytrance to finally enter into the possibility of becoming mainstream. Now the rest of the world outside of the US is left looking back, chuckling, and probably saying, “finally.”

Thankfully, one user was able to capture the full performance and post it on YouTube. Watch the full set below.

Photo credit: Turk Photos.