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Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness

Early next year, Tame Impala will return with a brand new album, The Slow Rush, their long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s Currents. Over the past few months, the Australian psych-rock superstars have shared three songs from the forthcoming LP: “Patience,” “Borderline,” “It Might Be Time.” All the songs’ titles alluded to the coming of their newest album, which was announced somewhere along the way. Today, the band shared a fourth.

The new song, titled “Posthumous Forgiveness,” spans a full six minutes, and it shows Tame Impala venturing even further away from anything that could be described as rock music, into Kevin Parker’s synthy, trippy studio mind. Parker wrote and produced “Posthumous Forgiveness,” just as he writes and produces every Tame Impala song. On the one hand, it’s psychedelic, soulful, and languid. On the other, it’s airy, falsetto synthpop. In either case, “Posthumous Forgiveness” is an instant Tame Impala gem.