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Common Creation comes to Gramatik’s Lowtemp for new EP, ‘Manufactured Moments’ 

One rising producer to come out of Gramatik‘s artist label, Lowtemp, lately is Common Creation. For fans keen into the interworkings of the imprint, they’re excitement meets an all-time high as Common Creations reveals a psychedelic bass EP, Manufactured Moments. Featuring JT Ward on the drums, the EP aims to recreate the live instrumentation and emotional evocation of a jam band over the course of four brand new singles. 

A standout on the EP is the third track, “Candlelight,” in which Common Creation delves into a slow-building exploration of experimental dubstep, funk, electro-soul, and organic instrumentation. Complex soundscapes are built out of samples, rich synth, heavy drops, vocal chops, and traditional instrumentation such as guitar and drum kit. These elements are a common thread throughout the entire project.

From the melodic and hypnotizing stunner “Late Night Summer,” to the fluid glitch-hop number, “Conflicted Computer,” Common Creation sets out on the EP with a mission of bridging the gap between “the late-60’s era of protest rock and modern-day festival culture.” The artists says the following on the historical link:

“One of the main inspirations I had when creating it was the parallels I see between the late 60’s era of protest rock and modern-day festival culture — people coming together over music and peace in spite of a volatile political climate. With that in mind, I ended up with four tracks that I felt perfectly captured the vibe of a counter-culture era psych-rock concert reimagined in the context of a modern dubstep performance.”

Listen to Manufactured Moments below.