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Angelic Root makes his Deep, Dark, & Dangerous debut with 4-track ‘Motion’ EP

Angelic Root (real name Kody Jones) has been flouncing around the underground bass scene like a dark horse for years. Often seen running around with cutting-edge crews like the Spicybois, Jones now comes to TRUTH‘s coveted imprint for his Deep, Dark, & Dangerous debut. The four-track steamroller of an EP, titled Motion, showcases his impeccably refined dubstep style as he takes his signature earthy sounds into a robotic, jolty, bass-heavy new direction.

Jones has been honing his craft for a while touring with the likes of Meso, Khiva, and Space Wizard. But never has his underground style burned more robustly than on his Motion EP. At first glance, it appears Jones has moved away from his usual reliance on heavy drops in favor of a more stripped-down, urban approach. Upon deeper inspection, one begins to pick up on just how mindfully Angelic Root is able to play with tension and release.

Each track packs a punch and carries its own weight. From the stabbing synths and layered tempos of the opening track, “TESTING SOUND,” to the funky elements of “SALUTATION” and the deep wubs of “SHIMMER,” every track on the EP puts Angelic Root’s love for experimentation on full display. A stand out on the EP is “Motion” with its heavy basslines and ragga-jungle flair. Dark and foreboding, yet still organic and lighthearted, Angelic Root’s new sonic trajectory has shown why he’s right at home in the Deep, Dark, & Dangerous family.

“Big ups the DDD crew for this one this is my biggest release to date with some of the best work I’ve created this year,” sais Jones on the release. “I’m so happy to finally be releasing them.”

Angelic Root heads out on Sub Jutsu tour with his mentor, Prophet, in February.