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Bassnectar at BassCenter XI, Hampton, VA

Bassnectar responds to previous April Fools tweet, alludes to a free show pending Trump’s impeachment

On April Fools Day, back in 2017, there was a lot of online clammer about Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton) headlining different shows and festivals. The bass music mogul quickly took to Twitter to set the record straight, telling fans that while those announcements “are cute,” they were, unfortunately, “not real.”

“The only real one…I’ll play for free [is] at Trump’s Impeachment,” Ashton shared.

As it turns out, Bassnectar may be launching the beginning plans for a free concert. Just yesterday, news broke that the House of Representatives filed two articles of impeachment against President Trump. The first outlined an “abuse of power” in relation to Trump asking the Ukrainian president to do some digging in on his potential 2020 political opponent, Joe Biden. The second article charged Trump with “obstructing justice” by blocking Congress in their attempts to investigate the legality of his actions.

While impeachment is now a reality, with the next phase going to trial in the Senate Judiciary Committee, it does not mean Donald Trump will necessarily be removed from office. Especially given how the senate is controlled by the GOP, the votes needed to convict and remove the president from high office just aren’t there.

Still, there is still cause for celebration with the majority of Americans who support impeachment, as Bassnectar vocalized yesterday on Twitter. Always a man of his word, Ashton is now asking fans where this so-called free impeachment show should be held. Fans have even more questions: What would a free Bassnectar show even look like?

For mere speculatory sake, we’d venture to guess that it would be a highly under-wraps, underground show like Bassnectar’s 2018 secret stop-off in Brooklyn. Tickets were planted all over the festival grounds at Elements in Pennsylvania, with additional data-mined invites going out to NYC-based Spotify users with Bassnectar as their top artist.