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BassCenter 2020 will take place in Atlantic City, Bassnectar golden ticket reveals

When Bassnectar announced the return of his Bassnectar Chocolate, the bass drop branded candy sold out almost instantaneously. Why? Because Bassnectar is the Willy Wonka of the bass world? Perhaps, but the chocolates hold several coveted Golden Tickets inside of them, which contain a pair of VIP tickets for every Bassnectar curated event in 2020 (including the exorbitantly priced Deja Voom, which made our list of Breakout Festivals in 2019).

The first round of winners included a couple who immediately posted their winnings to the Bassnectar subreddit, r/bassnectar. However, it wasn’t so much to brag but to reveal the location of BassCenter XIII, which was printed on the golden ticket itself. Thanks to Reddit user u/Subsume513, loyal bass heads around the country can start making their arrangement plans for Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Bassnectar hasn’t hosted an event in the city since his 2017 Spring Gathering at the Atlantic City Convention Center (ACCC). Although there is still no word on whether the event will be held tat the ACCC or in a larger venue space like Boardwalk Hall. There is also still no word on specific dates. Historically, BassCenter has been held around Labor Day Weekend. However, rumor in the community is that it is being moved this year.

Just got a chocolate bar and found out where basscenter will be this year!!! from bassnectar