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A-Trak hints at Duck Sauce reunion with Armand van Helden

Just after the new year rolled in, famed Candian house virtuoso A-trak took to Twitter to tease the return of Duck Sauce, his celebrated duo with Armand van Helden. The two made their debut together nine years ago with the full-length album, Big Bad Wolf. But the world hasn’t heard from them since just after their 2014 follow-up LP, Quack, which included the world-famous disco-house hit, “Barbra Streisand.”

Over the last six years, the two multi-genre DJs have taken off in their individual careers, releasing top hits and touring the world. Enter Coachella‘s 2020 line-up, which boasted the Duck Sauce name in proud display. The move sparked immediate viral speculation about A-trak and van Helden reuniting: Would it be a one-off performance or was their name-in-marquee the start of something bigger. That answer came when the Canadian DJ/producer posted a not-so-subtle tweet with a clip of a flying duck, captioned with “2020” and tagging Van Helden himself.

The new decade marks the return of Duck Sauce, and all seasoned EDM enthusiasts are eager to see what funk-centric hits come from these two great minds collaborating again. Many are speculating that the two must be cooking up something big for Indio Valley. Coachella is a global platform, after all. Whether new music will arrive is still massive speculation, but we’re thinking chances are very good.

Stream Duck Sauce’s latest album, Quack, from 2014.