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MIZE unleashes heavy hip-hop-laced bass weapon, ‘Wrist’

Southern sensation MIZE is poised to carve out a solid lane for himself in 2020. The Alabama-based immersive bass producer made a splash in 2019 with a series of event appearances and has capitalized on being an integral part of Bassnectar‘s extended music crew. His “Comfort Colors” downtempo mix from the late quarter of last year was well-received among his fans and helped to boost his momentum going into the new year.

Now the hotly rising bass music newcomer has delivered the perfect Christmas present for his growing fanbase. The package comes tinseled in the form of a heavy new bass weapon, titled “Wrist.” At its outset, a haunting and slippery intro gives way to an all-consuming drop with a snaking bassline, creating a substantial amount of gritty motion as the track progresses. The Bassnectar influences are readily apparent with a heavily modulated lead synth weaving its way across the melody as a pitched vocal occasionally pipes in with “bass in the face!”

MIZE is certainly looking to expand his influence this year, and with a recent Bonnaroo booking under his belt, it seems as if he’s already making big waves. His distinct hip hop- and Southern-influenced style is a breath of fresh air, as is his willingness to experiment with different sounds and genres. He’s a bonafide CE favorite so make sure to be following his nascent and promising career here!

Photo credit: Ginger Wesson.