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Live performers bow before Tipper crowd at Saenger Theater in New Orleans

Relive Tipper & Friends New Orleans in these rare top 15 videos

In the little oddball family surrounding Dave Tipper‘s music, fans are still glowing from three majestic nights inside New Orleans’ historic Saenger Theatre. Located just blocks away from Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, the Tipper Community hadn’t been to The Big Easy in two years. However, the event was almost canceled before it was even announced due to a fatal building collapse that occurred across the street as tickets were about to go on sale.

But the show must go on, as they say. After much patience on the part of the Tipper Community, and much work with the venue staff on the part of the artists, the sold-out three-night run turned out to be a smoldering success. The event featured three-themed Tipper sets (experimental, downtempo, and ambient) with visuals from Datagrama, Glass Crane, and Jonathan Singer, respectively. The entire weekend felt more like attending an indie film screening or opera than a hedonistic rave.

Beyond the mind-melting visual projections, live on-stage performance artists, and of course, some expert record scratching the likes of which only Tipper can do, The Saenger Theatre was transformed into an immersive playground that is rather hard to put into words. In the end, the gathering wound up being a place for consolation, comfort, decompression, and love. Now, as the Tipper Community has come back to reality after much rest, relaxation, and reflection, all that remains are the memories that can never be replicated.

Luckily, CE managed to gather several videos from the weekend to help our readers relive the magic of the weekend. While the recordings could never hold a candle to being present in those moments, at least they hold the ability to jog some memories. Without further ado, here are our top 15 moments from Tipper & Friends NOLA.

Night One: Experimental

Night Two: Downtempo

Night Three: Ambient