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Justin Martin new label

Justin Martin releases first track off his new What To Do imprint, ‘Needs’

The wait is over for house-heads everywhere. Justin Martin has kickstarted the new year with the release of “Needs,” the debut track on his new record label, What To Do. The lauded deep house DJ/producer has been teasing the track since 2016, but was keeping it stored away until the start of this new path in his career.

The groovy inaugural track has a power baseline with smooth vocals and tripped-out samples to spike the energetic deep house vibe that fans have come to know and love about JMart’s music. “Needs” is just what fans have waited for over the last few years, and is sure to be a popular house track for the upcoming festival season. Martin was one of the pioneering DJs of Dirtybird Records, but the time has come for him to expand his personal brand with What To Do and pave a way for other house artists to stake their own claim to fame.

Justin Martin has appeared on several big lineups for 2020, putting him at the top of the list for artists not to miss this year.