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Porter Robinson returns with breathtaking single ‘Get Your Wish’

Once again, Porter Robinson has stunned an eager fanbase with a dazzling and gut-wrenchingly emotional anthem. The visionary artist and producer behind the legendary album Worlds and one half of the equally celebrated Shelter tour, with French artist Madeon, Robinson has long been a celebrated figure in the world of electronic music. Performing Shelter on the main stage at sunset on both Coachella Sundays in 2017 was certainly a high point of his career, but there seems to be no slowing down for the versatile 27-year old musician.

After taking a hiatus from his eponymous music project to focus on his now equally-beloved Virtual Self alias, it was uncertain when fans could expect new music from Porter as himself. Now, he’s announced that a new album is on the way, titled Nurture and slated for release sometime in 2020, with a new single in tow of the announcement. The excitement on social media built to a breaking point within a mere 24 hours and when the single dropped, it was everything that his fanbase had been waiting for.

With the release of “Get Your Wish,” Robinson showcases his seemingly boundless production chops, debuting a style that seems a spiritual successor to his previous works while sounding new and fresh. He opts to pitch his voice up for his vocal contribution, lending it an otherworldly quality. The song’s lyrics, clearly written from the depths of his heart, deal with themes of depression, impossibility and transcendence in an utterly gripping way.

Composed with a mixture of live instrumentation, electronic sounds, and the occasional bird sample, “Get Your Wish” is equal parts melancholy and uplifting: an expertly balanced power ballad filled with angst, yet bursting through every seam with hope. He posted an explanation of the song’s intent on Twitter.

The accompanying music video adds another layer of depth to the experience. Featuring themes of blue waves crashing and a morose Robinson living the full spectrum of human emotion, the video is a staggeringly powerful take on the message of the song. Every drop of possible feeling seems to be being squeezed out of his voice and movement, and the result is a visceral, almost uncomfortably vulnerable experience that completely engulfs the viewer. There’s no doubt that Porter Robinson will further cement his already-towering legacy in 2020 on the heels of such an impressive release.