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Laika Beats releases high-energy 4-track EP, ‘Soul Rebel Bass’

Josh Elliot Thompson is the man behind the free form bass music project, Laika Beats. For anyone whose dipped their toes into the underground bass movement, it’s a namesake that they’re intimately familiar with. The Colorado-based producer has certainly been on CE‘s radar for a few years. Now he’s released a new 4-track project in the form of his Soul Rebel Bass EP. More than a short player, the artist describes it as a movement for himself:

Soul Rebel Bass is a movement I’ve sparked within myself to continually reject the current trends and recycled sounds of contemporary electronic music,” says Laika Beats over his Facebook page.

From the drum’n’bass stylings on “Outcasta” and the hybrid bass title track, “Soul Rebel Bass,” to Thompson’s signature growss on “Liberation Dub (Dub),the EP showcases Laika Beats’ ever-evolving fusion of genres and his heavy penchant for heavy sub-bass electronica. The Soul Rebel Bass EP was released in tandem with a 30-minute mix, which includes the new project along with more dnb and halftime tracks from other artists.

Photo: John Verwey/JV Productions.