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Watch Excision debut The Evolution stage at The Thunderdome

When Excision announced his monstrosity of a stage, dubbed The Evolution, headbanger fans immediately began booking their tickets to The Thunderdome in Seattle, Washington. Last weekend, the seismically-sized, X-shaped stage debuted to a sold-out audience. The stadium-sized crowd was surrounded by a three-dimensional wall of lights lining the ceiling and, in typical Excision fashion, plenty of lasers to get a fully-immersive feel.

Without fail, drones of fans took to social media to spread the shuttering stage production with the entire world. Below, we’ve included a few of our favorite videos. The stage itself marks a new era for Excision as he moves on from his Paradox stage, which he traveled the country with for the past four years. The aptly-named Evolution represents the next chapter, which will make it way across the US on tour, along with stops at Excision’s specially-curated festivals, Bass Canyon and Lost Lands.

The Evolution stage heads to Las Vegas next, with two night stop sin Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, Hampton, San Bernadino, San Fransisco, and everywhere in between.

Photo: Terrence Blanton/Fade Wood Live.