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Envision releases new travel packages, announces excursions and experiences

The tenth anniversary of the annual Envision Festival is nearing, and the excitement is ramping up. With the release of the stacked daily schedule and an array of invigorating workshops, this year is shaping up to be the best year yet. Now, festival organizers have released another set of experiences that will be taking place during the extended event.

Alongside the actual festivities of Envision, there will be a variety of off-site events available. Additional offerings include the Envision Medicinal Plants and Botanical Gardens Tour, Green Building Tour, Private Surf Lessons, Nauyaca Waterfall Tour, Cascada Verde Tour, Wildlife Refuge Tour, Waterfall Rappelling, Snorkeling Tour, an Inshore Fishing Trip, Sea Kayaking, ATV Monkey Ride Tour, 10 Years of Envision Site Tour, and a Sunset Horseback Riding Tour. Envision is also debuting their own association called Somos El Cambio, which translates to “We Are the Change,” and will channel resources towards projects that positively impact the community on an environmental, social and economic level.

This year’s Envision Festival is shaping up to be better than ever, with a full week of environmental activism, spiritual growth, and of course, amazing music and art. Stay tuned for ongoing coverage as the Costa Rican festival nears its kickoff and enter our Envision ticket give-away here.