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What So Not announces career hiatus

Perhaps the most highly publicized split in dance music belongs to What So Not back in 2015. When Flume announced his split from the iconic Australian duo, Emoh (real name Christopher John Emerson) went full force with What So Not as his own solo project. Since then, Emerson has managed to keep the What So Not name thriving with 400 shows in the last three years and plenty of releases.

However, now is the “time to reset,” according to the Sydney artist. In lieu of the devastating Australian wildfires, What So Not has gone public with a planned hiatus to focus on what’s important in life.

“I’m taking a break,” What So Not explained in a statement over his Instagram account. “Most of you have seen and heard about the devastation that is taking place in Australia. It has me thinking about what really matters in this world and this life… I want to pull myself out of the ‘routine’ of it all and make sure everything I do is 110%”

The producer has also revealed he has a few scattered shows still on the books for the year, but the rest of the year will be devoted to friends and family.


Photo credit: Rukes.