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Electric Zoo is going global thanks to Made Event's partnership with ID&T

Electric Zoo is going global thanks to Made Event’s strategic partnership with ID&T

The folks behind Electric Zoo, NYC’s Made Events, have announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with the Netherlands-based promotional giant, ID&T. The sister companies both currently sit under the umbrella of LiveStyle, formerly SFX.

According to the announcement, Made Event and ID&T will collaborate on the international expansion of Electric Zoo. However, it doesn’t end there. The companies are also exploring options to expand ID&T’s extensive brands, including Mysteryland, Awakenings, Amsterdam Open Air, Defqon.1, and Sensation, into the US.

“We are honored to be working with ID&T, the world’s most notable dance music promoter,” Made Event SVP Adam Richman said in a press statement. “Working together with them will allow us to take our flagship brand Electric Zoo to cities around the world. We can’t wait to share New York City’s No. 1 festival with the rest of the globe.”

While ID&T is parent company to b2s, Q-Dance, Art of Dance, and VD Events, Made Event also produces high-quality electronic events in New York, particularly at Avant Gardner and the Brooklyn Mirage in NYC. “We are looking forward to be back in New York and working with them on new ideas,” says Ritty van Straalen, CEO of ID&T Group.

Stay tuned to see what partnerships the two companies can pull out of their collaborative hats.