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San Holo strikes an ‘Honest’ chord with alternative duo Broods [WATCH]

When it comes to authenticity, bitbird label head San Holo has long been known for his unbridled honesty in his art and his life. How fitting that the Dutch artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist would title his next release, “Honest,” which is out now on Astralwerks. The song, which features alternative duo Broods, explores the theme of pure intentions and staying vibrant in all of one’s interactions.

“It delves into the idea of being as genuine as possible when you meet someone, even if nothing comes of it,” San Holo says of the song’s motivation in a press statement. “I would rather be transparent from the start than create a false sense of who I am or what I expect.”

While San Holo originally conceived the song, ultimately “Honest” struck a deeply meaningful chord for Broods’ lead singer, Georgia Nott, who finished out the record’s lyrics in collaboration with San Holo’s team of co-writers.

“Things can become so corrupted by false expectation and self-preservation,” Nott revealed to Billboard in an exclusive interview. “Honesty, to me, is the opposite. Honesty leaves little room for that bulls–t. Honesty is fearless.”

The song’s official music video also dabbles in this theme of authenticity in a highly ironic vein. Directed by Mason Thorne, the video follows San Holo and Georgia Nott around a Hollywood-style studio set. The highly artificial setting is meant to juxtapose the honest spirit of the song’s lyrics.