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Up and coming bass talent REZI’s ‘Cry For You’ is dark, entrancing, & mysteriously seductive

REZI is part of a new generation in electronic music. As the creative project of Alek Slon, his is a sound which is every bit as dark and entrancing as it is foreboding, alluring, and mysteriously seductive. He released his debut EP, Artificial Contentment, which landed last July on Play Me Records. REZI has now caught our sights at CE with a brand new number that leaves us with more questions and intrigue than anything else.

Out now on Electric Hawk Records, “Cry For You” represents REZI’s attempt to mix groovy trap vibes with heavy-hitting bass. Featuring trance-like vocals, heart-stopping reverbs, and a hypnotizing bridge, this is one record that puts the fledgling producer on the map. Pulling on classic elements of dubstep for inspiration, REZI breathes darkness into the track with sinister vocal chops along with drops that hit you right in the gut. “Cry For You” will make you want to bury your ex and then cry over it.

Photo credit: OP Abbott/MNM Presents.